Top European Travel News From November

November's European Travel News in One Place

From stories about Icelandic seismic activity and a decision on flight reductions at one of the continent's busiest airports to announcements about new river cruise itineraries and Christmas lights rankings, November was full of European travel news. Click on the slideshow to get caught up on all the month's happenings and don't forget to register for the TravelPulse newsletter to keep up to date in December. 

Controversial Dutch Airport Plan Scrapped

In another twist of the saga surrounding the effort to cut down the number of flights at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, the Dutch government announced that the reduction is now off the cards "until further notice". Proponents see the reduction of flight numbers as an important step in reducing noise pollution & emissions, while those opposed (a list that includes interests aligned with U.S. airlines) say the reductions run afoul of the law. Stay tuned, because the Dutch Supreme Court looks set to weigh in at some point in 2024. 

Seismic Activity Impacts Icelandic Tourism

In early November, a significant seismic event appeared imminent on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. Then, the warnings were downgraded. A volcanic eruption is still considered likely, and the famed Blue Lagoon resort is still closed, but the observed seismic activity is now taking place at a reduced rate. Travelers should be aware that only a fraction of the nation is currently off-limits to visitors and that Iceland is home to multiple other thermal springs beside the Blue Lagoon.

Sweden Sick of Being Confused With Switzerland

In a widely shared—and semi-serious social media post—Visit Sweden poked fun at the fact that too many people confuse Sweden with Switzerland. Our take: with the fact they're both in Europe and sound sort of similar, a little confusion is inevitable, but the fact that over 85,000 Americans are reportedly searching "Are Sweden and Switzerland the same thing?" on the web is a little much. 

European Waterways Reveals Christmas Market Cruises

Earlier this month, luxury hotel barge company European Waterways revealed that they are launching a Christmas market cruise this year. The cruises will take place in the Alsace–Lorraine region of France, allowing guests to partake in regional festive traditions, including plenty of opportunities to sample local food & drink. Among the highlights are stops in the cities of Strasbourg and Colmar in addition to a visit to a glass ornament factory.

Europe Leading the 2024 Pack

TravelPulse reported this month that, according to travel advisors, Europe sits atop the list of desired destinations for 2024. Europe continues to benefit from its unique position as a place where luxury, adventure, cultural, romance and historical travel all come together, and according to the travel advisors TravelPulse spoke to in the report, its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Venice Tourist Tax Details Revealed

Officials in Venice revealed some long-awaited details about the city's soon-to-be-implemented "tourist tax" this month. Currently scheduled to be rolled out in April 2024, the tax will be 5 Euros (around $5.50) and will apply only to daytrippers who visit the city during peak hours on 29 designated days between April and mid-July. Travelers who stay the night in a Venice hotel are exempt.

London's Christmas Lights Shine

London is a great Christmas destination, and the city's festive lights are already picking up some accolades in 2023. TravelPulse reported this month that the city cleaned up in a recent research-based ranking of most spectacular holiday light displays in Europe, owning four of the top 10 slots. The clear-cut winner was the display on Regent Street, which features a host of twinkling flying angels.  

Americans Flocking to Europe This Festive Season

Earlier this month, TravelPulse reported that Allianz Partners’ 2023 European Holiday Destination Index showed the amount of Americans visiting Europe during the holiday season is surging. In addition to the myriad of enchanting towns known for their Christmas markets, top destinations include Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and London with its aforementioned award-winning holiday lights.

Riviera River Cruises Adds 2025 Itineraries

TravelPulse reported this month that Riviera River Cruises has eight newly themed European cruises on sale for the 2025 season, with many being currently sold at 2024 prices. The cruises will tour the waters of the Rhine, Rhône, Douro and Danube rivers and include new themes such as "Music of the Blue Danube", "Gastronomy of Switzerland and the Rhine" "Gardens and Natural Beauty of the Rhône" and more.

Trainline Looks to Northern Lights

Earlier this month, Trainline shared with TravelPulse some of the best ways to experience the Northern Lights in Europe by rail. Despite the fact that some of the best places to watch the Northern Lights in Europe are geographically isolated, many are still reachable by train, and the list includes destinations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United Kingdom. 

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